Kalyan Stone Strength & Vision


The Group's core strength lies in its constant endeavor to promote new varieties of products from time to time and also its ability in having fine-tuned its concept of customer satisfaction to a razor sharp understanding of its client's needs.

Kalyan Stone's Team have capabilities for working in all areas and every day we are searching new products for trading and connect with our group. In future we also want to give global market to a new product with quality, trust and satisfaction.

Wide Range of Products


Customer satisfaction is our prime motto, we understand that every customer has specific needs in term of products and services and at Kalyan Stone we strive to understands customers specific needs and provide services according to customers need.


Kalyan Stone is a company catering to the Global Market for various products. Kalyan Stone by inducting professionals drew up various marketing strategies with an emphasis on quality, reliability and competitiveness.

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